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Meng 1/48 Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter "Veyron" Kit

Meng 1/48 Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter "Veyron" Kit


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The J-20, officially adopted by the PLAAF, is noted for its canard-delta configuration, blended fuselage with low radar cross-section, and large canted twin tails. It has two large internal weapon bays for long-range and air-to-air missiles. The J-20 has two small side bays that can hold short-range air-to-air missiles. It can reportedly carry more fuel and weapons than the F-22 Raptor.

The J-20 is able to carry six missiles, including four medium- or long-range air-to-air missiles in its main bay and one smaller short-range missile in each of its two lateral bays. The wings also hold four hardpoints that have been used to carry external fuel canisters during peacetime operations. The load-out is fitting for engagement from long standoff ranges, suiting the J-20s and its stealth capabilities, and without an internal canon, it is unlikely to be used in short-range dogfighting. 

Details of the ejection seat are precisely replicated inside the cockpit. The sawtooth stealth coating on the surface of the aircraft is also represented. The blue shaded parts below indicate the model maker's wish to replicate precisely the intake channel.

The tires are made from vinyl. The refueling probe can be posed extended, while the pilot's ladder is included. The short-range PL-10 and longer-range PL-15 missiles are included for the inside bays.

The twin tails can be rotated like the real aircraft.
The engine nozzle & internal parts of the WS-15 engines are represented.
Decals are included of course, and the kit is said to have around 260 parts.


We had the opportunity to assemble and review the upcoming Meng 1/48 Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter "Veyron" Kit. This kit recreates the highly advanced fifth-generation Chinese fighter aircraft with impressive detail and precision. Here is our detailed review of the kit.

Packaging: The kit comes in a sturdy and attractive box that showcases the finished model on the cover. Inside the box, the parts are neatly organized on several sprues, accompanied by a detailed instruction manual and a decal sheet.

Instructions: The instruction manual is well laid out, featuring clear step-by-step assembly instructions with accompanying color illustrations. The illustrations are easy to follow, making the construction process straightforward, even for less experienced modelers. The manual also includes a comprehensive painting and decal guide, which is helpful for achieving an accurate and realistic finish.

Parts and Detail: The quality of the molded parts in this kit is exceptional. The plastic is well-detailed, featuring crisp panel lines and accurate surface textures. The parts fit together seamlessly, with minimal gaps and requiring minimal sanding or putty work. The cockpit is particularly impressive, with finely molded instrument panels, control sticks, and ejection seat details.

One aspect that stands out in this kit is the inclusion of photo-etched parts. These metal parts add an extra level of detail, especially in areas such as the cockpit, landing gear, and exhaust nozzles. The photo-etched parts are well-made and enhance the overall appearance of the finished model.

Decals: The decal sheet provides a range of options for different aircraft markings, including various squadron insignias and stencils. The decals are printed with excellent color saturation, sharpness, and registration, ensuring a high-quality finish. The decals are also thin and respond well to setting solutions, conforming smoothly to the surface details.

Accuracy: The Meng 1/48 J-20 kit captures the overall shape and proportions of the real aircraft accurately. The panel lines are in scale and align with the actual aircraft's features. The included weaponry and external stores are well-represented, and the kit allows for various armament configurations.

Conclusion: The Meng 1/48 Chinese J-20 Stealth Fighter "Veyron" Kit is an outstanding offering for modelers interested in modern military aircraft. The kit's excellent molding quality, precise fit, and attention to detail ensure a satisfying building experience. The inclusion of photo-etched parts further enhances the model's overall appeal. With accurate proportions and markings, the finished model looks impressive on display. I highly recommend this kit to any scale modeler, whether a beginner or an experienced enthusiast.

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