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Wingsy Kits is a small Ukrainian manufacturer of plastic model kits and various modeling tools and supplies. The company was founded in Kryvyi Rih in Ukraine in 2016. Currently, for the production of molds, the company uses the technology of “short runs”, but the introduction of a modern approach to design and prototyping in the technological process, allowed Wingsy Kits to achieve a sufficiently high level of quality of its products. The concept of “easy to understand and build, even for beginners”, which Wingsy Kits actively uses to create its products, has also proved popular with customers – the company has gained a fairly good reputation among hobbyists for producing models of high-quality and accurate scale detail.
All employees of the Wingsy Kits team have enough solid experience in the design, pre-production, and release of scale models, so when it comes to how to make a new product, Wingsy Kits' main goal is to offer the World the most rewarding modeling experience possible.