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Meng Aircraft 1/48 F/A18F Super Hornet Fighter Kit Media 1 of 8

Meng Aircraft 1/48 F/A18F Super Hornet Fighter Kit


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As the latest F/A-18 variants, the F/A-18E/F aircraft have greatly improved electronic equipment and extended combat radius. To perform the missions like air superiority and ground attack and complex tasks including reconnaissance and electronic warfare, the F/A-18F’s rear cockpit weapon systems operator has new advanced cockpit displays and control system. The pilot and the weapon systems operator can perform air-to-air and air-to-ground tasks at the same time. Before the next-generation carrier-based fighters enter service, the F/A-18F will still be the main combat aircraft of the U.S. aircraft carrier battle group.


  • Flaps and slats can be installed in retracted or deployed positions.
  • Horizontal stabilizers and rudders are movable.
  • The two-seat variant’s cockpit and cockpit interior equipment are precisely replicated.
  • Two U.S. Navy pilot figures featuring realistic gestures and finely replicated suit and equipment are included.

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