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Zvezda Aircraft 1/48 Soviet Mil-Mi24V/VP Attack Helicopter (New Tool) Kit

Zvezda 1/48 Soviet Mil-Mi24V/VP Attack Helicopter (New Tool) Kit

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The Mi-24 attack helicopter was developed by the Design Bureau Mil in the late 1960s and adopted by the Soviet Army in 1976. It became the most popular modification of the Mi-24 - about a thousand being built. The first Mi-24V use in war was Afghanistan, where the helicopter proved to be a reliable, well-protected, and formidable machine against the enemy. In addition to bombs and missiles on six external hardpoints, the Mi-24V has a YakB-12.7 rotary mounted large-caliber 12.7-mm four-barreled machine gun operated remotely by the gunner. Also available in the Mi-24VP variant was the GSH-23L 23-mm double-barreled gun.

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