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Zvezda Aircraft 1/48 Russian Yak-130 Trainer/Fighter (New Tool) Kit

Zvezda Aircraft 1/48 Russian Yak-130 Trainer/Fighter (New Tool) Kit

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The Yak-130 (according to NATO codification: Mitten - “Mitten”) is a Russian combat training aircraft developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau in cooperation with the Italian company Aermacchi to replace the L-39 training aircraft in the Russian Air Force. 

The chief designers are Nikolay Dolzhenkov, Vitaly Naryshkin and Konstantin Popovich. The Yak-130 is the first completely new (and not a modernized version of the existing model) aircraft built in Russia after the collapse of the USSR. The Yak-130 won the MiG-AT in the tender for the supply of the Russian Air Force. Since 2012, it is planned to release more than 100 of these machines.

The mission of the aircraft includes training of cadets of flight schools: takeoff-landing, piloting, navigation, performing complex maneuvers, acquiring skills to operate in the limiting flight modes, actions in case of aircraft failures and pilot errors, performing flights in closed combat orders during the day and in conditions of visual visibility , the development of weapons systems and the development of the basics of combat use in the actions of ground and air targets, training in the implementation of offensive and defensive maneuvers characteristic of the aircraft so fourth and fifth generations.

The aircraft is equipped with a system allowing for the imitation of combat use modes, allowing (without firing real ammunition) to work out air combat, an interaction between planes, missile and bomb strikes against ground targets, including with destruction of enemy air defenses. There are nine suspension points for hanging fuel tanks and containers with real guns and rockets. 

In the event of war, the aircraft is able to perform the tasks of a light attack aircraft to destroy individual ground targets, low-speed air targets. 

When shipped for export, the Yak-130 is positioned as a training complex for the development of Su-30MK fighters.

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