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Trumpeter Aircraft 1/32 Junkers Ju87B2 Stuka German Ground Attack Aircraft Kit

Trumpeter Aircraft 1/32 Junkers Ju87B2 Stuka German Ground Attack Aircraft Kit

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The Ju 87 B series was to be the first mass-produced variant. A total of six pre-production Ju 87 B-0 were produced, built from Ju 87 A airframes. Test flights began from the summer of 1937. A small number, at least three, served as conversion Cs or Es for potential naval variants.
The first production version was the Ju 87 B-1, with a considerably larger engine, its Junkers Jumo 211D generating 1,184 hp, and completely redesigned fuselage and landing gear. This new design was again tested in Spain, and after proving its abilities there, production was ramped up to 60 per month. As a result, by the outbreak of World War II, the Luftwaffe had 336 Ju 87 B-1s on hand. The B-1 was also fitted with "Jericho trumpets", essentially propeller-driven sirens with a diameter of 0.7 m (2.3 ft) mounted on the wing's leading edge directly forward of the landing gear, or on the front edge of the fixed main gear fairing. This was used to weaken enemy morale and enhance the intimidation of dive-bombing. After the enemy became used to it, however, they were withdrawn. The devices caused a loss of some 20–25 km/h (10-20 mph) through drag. Instead, some bombs were fitted with whistles on the fin to produce the noise after release.
  • 330+ Parts
  • Engraved panel and rivet detail, well appointed pilot's office and gunner's station, fully represented Jumo engine, optional position cowl flaps, reinforcing central wing spars, separately molded control surfaces, filigree control actuators, wing gun bays, multipart canopy, spatted undercarriage with vinyl tires
  • Photo-etch parts (including gunsights, radiator grilles and cockpit accents)
  • Includes ample external stores: racks, SC1000 centerline bomb, SC50 underwing bombs (x4), 5-bomblet clusters (x4), MG81 gun pods (x2) and optional drop tanks (x2)

Decals and color painting guide for 3 German aircraft:

  • 'T6+CK' of 2./St.G2 'Immelmann' on the Russian Front during September 1941
  • 'L1+AU' of 10./LG1 at Tramecourt, France, during July 1940
  • '6G+CC' of Stab II./St.G1 on the Russian Front during December 1941

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