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Trumpeter Aircraft 1/32 P47N Thunderbolt Fighter Kit

Trumpeter Aircraft 1/32 P47N Thunderbolt Fighter Kit

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P-47N was the final production model P-47, was produced solely for action in the Pacific. Its new wing had a span of 42 feet, 10 inches, an area of 322 square feet and squared-off wingtips. With additional internal fuel (as tested on the XP-47L), two 93-gallon drop tanks under the wings and a 100-gallon drop tank under the fuselage, the P-47N had a total fuel capacity of 1,266 gallons and a range of 2,350 miles, which was enough to permit it to escort B-29s to Japan in the last months of the War. The P-47N was power With a 2,800hp R-2800 engine, It had a gross weight of 20,700 pounds and a high speed of 467mph at 32,500 feet. Republic built a total of 1,667 P-47Ns. An order for a further 5,934 planes was canceled. The P-47 was retired as a first-line fighter right after the War, but bubble-canopy P-47Ds and P-47Ns stayed in the reserved training squadrons until 1955.

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