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Trumpeter Aircraft 1/32 P40N Warhawk Fighter (New Variant) Kit

Trumpeter 1/32 P40N Warhawk Fighter (New Variant) Kit

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P-40N (manufactured 1943–44), was the final production model of the P-40. The P-40N featured a stretched rear fuselage to counter the torque of the more powerful, late-war Allison engine, and the rear deck of the cockpit behind the pilot was cut down at a moderate slant to improve rearward visibility. A great deal of work was also done to try and eliminate excess weight to improve the Warhawk's climb rate. Early N production blocks dropped a .50 in (12.7 mm) gun from each wing, bringing the total back to four; later production blocks reintroduced it after complaints from units in the field. 

Supplied to Commonwealth air forces as the Kittyhawk Mk IV. A total of 553 P-40Ns were acquired by the Royal Australian Air Force, making it the variant most commonly used by the RAAF. Subvariants of the P-40N ranged widely in specialization from stripped down four-gun "hot rods" that could reach the highest top speeds of any production variant of the P-40 (up to 380 mph), to overweight types with all the extras intended for fighter-bombing or even training missions.

  • Model size Length: 322.3mm Wingspan: 357.4mm
  • Total number of parts 140+ Etched parts 2 pcs
  • Total number of offsets 10 sprues and tires
  • Detailed fuselage&wing w/accurate design
  • A detailed cockpit, landing gear bays
  • Rubber tires

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