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Trumpeter Aircraft 1/24 Junkers Ju87B2 Stuka German Dive Bomber (New Variant) Kit

Trumpeter 1/24 Junkers Ju87B2 Stuka German Dive Bomber (New Variant) Kit

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The Ju87B series was the first mass-produced model in the JU87 series. A total of six early-production Ju87B-0s were manufactured in the first batch, modified by the Ju87A's fuselage. Flight tests began in the summer of 1937. At least three of them were converted into Type C or Type E used by the Navy.

The first mass-produced model, the Ju87B-1, was equipped with the larger Junkers Jumo211D engine with a maximum power of 1,184 hp, redesigned the fuselage and landing gear. These new designs were tested again in the Spanish battlefield, where their production capacity soared to 60 per month. As a result, before the outbreak of the Second World War, the German Air Force had 336 Ju 87B-1s on hand. The B-1 is equipped with a sounding device called the "Jerico horn", which is essentially a 70 cm diameter propeller-driven sounding device mounted on the leading edge of the wing or the front end of the landing gear strut. It is mainly used to make a harsh sound during the dive-bombing to threaten the opponent to achieve the effect of weakening the morale of the enemy. However, the device was canceled because it was too cumbersome and the speed of the aircraft was reduced by about 20-25 km/h. Correspondingly, similar whistles were installed on the tails of some bombs, and a screaming sound was also produced after the launch.
  • 370+ Parts
  • Detailed fuselage&wing w/accurate design
  • Highly detailed Engines
  • The finely detailed cockpit & cockpit,
  • Grooved rubber tires
  • PE parts included

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