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Trumpeter Aircraft 1/144 Chinese Xian H6K Strategic Bomber Kit

Trumpeter 1/144 Chinese Xian H6K Strategic Bomber Kit

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H-6K is the latest model of the current H-6 bombers, is an important part of China's nuclear Trinity. In September 3, 2015, the public debut.

The detonation H-6K with low fuel consumption of the engine, the aircraft also correspondingly increased weight loss and the tank. The maximum range should be able to reach more than 8000 kilometers, the maximum combat radius of nearly 3500 kilometers. Compared with the earlier models of boom H-6 maximum of 9 tons of load carrying capacity, boom H-6K has increased to 12 tons, mainly used to mount a new cruise missile for, to fight against the remote target types; also can choose a laser guided bomb and satellite guided missile, used for precise blow to the sea and land targets.

The detonation of H-6K come out, make it become the core force of China air offensive operations, leaving China air force following the rocket in second after becoming the Chinese reliable strategic strike force. In wartime, detonation H-6K can take off from the relative safety of the inland base China, forward deployed fighter escort, the maximum range from H-6 6000 km to 8000 km, the maximum radius is more than 3500 km. The CJ-10A about 2500 km range, the H-6K boom in the border area can China vast areas including Kanjima Miki, deterrence, is what we often say that the "The second chain".

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