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Takom 1/350 Haunebu I, II & III German Flying Saucers (New Tool) Kit

Takom 1/350 Haunebu I, II & III German Flying Saucers (New Tool) Kit


$34.36 $42.95

During World War II, a variety of unusual and anomalous aerial phenomena were witnessed by both Axis and Allied personnel. These were called "Foo Fighters" by the Americans. While some "Foo Fighter" reports were dismissed as the misperceptions of troops in the heat of combat, others were taken seriously, and leading scientists such as Luis Alvarez began to investigate them.

In at least some cases, Allied intelligence and commanders suspected that Foo Fighters reported in the European theatre represented advanced German aircraft or weapons, particularly given that Germans had already developed such technological innovations as V-1 and V-2 rockets and the first jet-engine fighter planes and that a minority of Foo Fighters seemed to have inflicted damage to allied aircraft.

In this box, you get three kits, all in 1/350 scale. The Haunebu I, II and  III. The sizes of these three kits show the development path that was slated (but never achieved) for this weird flying object. A passenger gantry is included in the kit.

There are six marking choices in the box, so two for each flying object and each of them can be depicted in either a flying pose or on their wheels in an airfield (or Nazi moon base???) situation.

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