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Special Hobby 1/48 Heinkel He177A3 Greif Bomber (New Tool) Kit

Special Hobby 1/48 Heinkel He177A3 Greif Bomber (New Tool) Kit


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The Heinkel He 177 A-3 Greif ("Griffin") was a long-range heavy bomber used by the German Luftwaffe during World War II. The A-3 variant was one of the most extensively produced versions of the He 177, with notable enhancements over its predecessors designed to improve its operational capabilities.

Characterized by its large size and unique design, the He 177 A-3 featured a distinctive configuration with two coupled engines on each wing, each pair driving a single propeller. This setup aimed to provide the power of four engines while reducing the drag associated with having multiple engine nacelles, although it also led to frequent mechanical and overheating issues.

The He 177 A-3 was equipped for a variety of missions, including strategic bombing, maritime strikes, and even serving as a platform for guided missiles. It was capable of carrying a substantial bomb load of up to 6,000 kg, making it one of the few German bombers capable of conducting deep strikes into Soviet territory and against Allied shipping.

Despite its innovative design, the Greif was plagued by reliability problems throughout its service life. However, when it was operational, it provided the Luftwaffe with a potent combination of range, payload, and versatility, albeit in limited numbers due to ongoing technical challenges and the shifting priorities of the German war effort. The aircraft's capability to carry heavy loads and operate at relatively long ranges made it a significant, if troubled, component of Germany's aerial warfare strategy.

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