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Revell Germany Aircraft 1/72 Canadair CL415 Aircraft Kit

Revell Germany Aircraft 1/72 Canadair CL415 Aircraft Kit


$35.95 $44.95

The CL-415 amphibious aircraft is one of the most modern propeller driven fire-fighting aircraft and is used mainly for fighting forest fires. It is capable of taking up 6137 gallons of water from lakes during flight without actually having to land on the water. This is sometimes the only way to get extinguishing agents to forest fires quickly, especially in difficult terrain. The aircraft comes from the proven CL-215 and is equipped with turboprop-engines and digital avionics. Its maiden flight took place in December 1993. It was specifically designed as a fire-fighting aircraft, but is also used as a patrol aircraft. The main areas of operation are Canada and the Mediterranean region.

  • Structured surfaces
  • Detailed cockpit with control column and seats
  • Interior with imitation tank
  • Detailed nose and main under-carriage
  • Pontoons under the wings
  • Rotatable propeller
  • Antennae
  • May be fitted with a ladder
Authentic decal set for Canadair CL-416 / Bombardier 415 Tanker 278 C-GOGZ, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources - Dryden Regional Airport 2008

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