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Revell Germany Aircraft 1/32 F-4G Phantom USAF Kit

Revell Germany Aircraft 1/32 F-4G Phantom USAF Kit

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Tasked with silencing enemy SAMs, "Wild Weasel" aircraft flew missions that were intrinsically dangerous, but necessary. By getting a missile battery to lock on to it, the aircraft follows the radar pulse back to its source and eliminates it with its own missiles… in theory.
  • F-4G nose
  • Detailed surfaces and cockpit
  • Detailed ejection seat
  • Intricate F-4G instrument panel
  • Detailed rudder/elevators
  • Choice of extended or retracted under-carriage and air brakes
  • External load pylons, ventral fuel tank, wing-mounted fuel tanks
  • AIM-7E Sparrow guided missiles x2, AIM-120 guided missiles x4, ECM pod, AGM-45 Shrike missile, AGM-78
  • Decals for two USAF versions

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