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Italeri Aircraft 1/72 C-27J Spartan Kit

Italeri Aircraft 1/72 C-27J Spartan Kit


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Alenia’s C-27J Spartan is the updated version of the military transport aircraft Aeritalia G-222. Two new and powerful turboprop Rolls-Royce AE2100-D2 are capable to bring the Spartan to exceed the speed of 374 mph.  It can transport up to 68 solders, 46 paratroopers or more than 11 tons of equipment. In the MEDEVAC configuration, dedicated to medical operations, it can carry 36 litters and the relative medical staff. The setting of this aircraft includes Head-Up Display (HUD), digital cockpit and advanced avionics systems that allow the aircraft to operate in all-weather conditions. Thanks to its aeronautical and structural characteristics, it has an excellent take-off and landing performances on short, narrow and unprepared runways. In addition to the Italian Air Force, the main operators of the Spartan are several Air Forces as the ones of  Australia, Greece, Lituania, Romania and some African countries. It is also used by U.S. Coast Guard and Army.

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