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Italeri Aircraft 1/48 TR1A/B High-Altitude Recon Aircraft Kit

Italeri 1/48 TR1A/B High-Altitude Recon Aircraft Kit

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The Lockheed U-2 can be considered among the most famous high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft in the history of aviation and is, without doubt, an icon of the Cold War. The project was approved in the early fifties and the first flight took place in 1955. The U-2 was characterized by its large surface and wingspan. Its aerodynamic structure allowed it to operate at an altitude of 70,000 feet (over 21,000 meters) and efficiently carry out intelligence operations thanks to the advanced, for the time, photographic and video recording systems. The U-2 was used first by the CIA and later by the USAF flight departments The U-2 project was improved over time and led to the construction of the TR-1A developed to carry out tactical reconnaissance missions at high altitudes.

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