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ICM 1/48 RAF Bomber & Torpedo Pilots 1939-45 (5 Figures) Kit

ICM 1/48 RAF Bomber & Torpedo Pilots 1939-45 (5 Figures) Kit

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In the period between the two world wars, the development of the British Air Force was primarily focused on developing defensive capabilities. However, with the adoption of the rearmament programme in October 1938, the strike component of the air force increased. In addition to bombers, Britain, surrounded by seas, paid special attention to torpedo bombers. With the outbreak of the Second World War, RAF aircraft actively joined the fighting, striking targets on the continent and solving problems in the war at sea. The crews of these aircraft faced certain difficulties, as bombing attacks were carried out mainly from medium altitudes, where air defences were quite effective. As for torpedo attacks, they were generally carried out at low or ultra-low altitudes and required close contact with enemy air defences. During periods of intense fighting, torpedo bomber crews suffered the heaviest losses of any RAF squadron. However, in comparison with other British torpedo carriers, the success rate of torpedo carrier attacks was the highest – 33.5%.

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