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Hasegawa 1/48 B6N2 Jill Type 12 Bomber Kit

Hasegawa 1/48 B6N2 Jill Type 12 Bomber Kit

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Nakajima B6N2 TENZAN ("Jill") Type 12 was designed to a IJN specification for a carrier-based attack plane with a top speed of 250 knots, range of 1800 nm, and a 1500 hp engine. The B6N2 was Nakajima's response to this specification, and while the airplane was impressive in its size and features, its Mamori engine proved unreliable. Eventually, the engine was replaced with the less powerful but more reliable Kasei engine and the B6N2 began to see service by the end of 1943.
 Decal Options:

  1. A/C# 52-33, 256th Attack Sqdn, 752nd Naval Flying Group, IJN
  2. A/C# 210-318, 210th Naval Flying Group, IJN

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