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This is an image of the Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 MV-22 Osprey Kit

Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 MV-22 Osprey Kit


$127.99 $159.99


The only 1/48 kit of a modern Operational US Marine Corps Osprey.

Kit includes:

  • All the latest antennas, jammers, and electronics found on the current Marine Ospreys. Even the FLIR sight, RADAR, and refueling probe.
  • The entire main wing rotates and engine nacelles are movable.
  • Can be built-in takeoff or flight mode. Two sets of rotor blades are provided. One for the flight position and one for the folded storage position.
  • All the small vortex generators above the wing are in place.
  • The ramp can be displayed open or closed.
  • Fuselage with true-to-scale panel line and rivet details.
  • Clear fuselage cockpit parts.
  • Perfectly reproduced cockpit features and entire cabin structure detail is provided.
  • Photo etch fret with fuselage grilles and Pilot's seat belts.
  • Separately molded fire extinguisher with photo-etch bracket.
  • Inside the cabin, you'll find all the correct passenger seats and many interior electronic system boxes represented.
  • Detailed wheel wells, landing gear, and engine exhausts. Even windshield wipers are in the kit.
  • Decals for one currently operational Marine squadron aircraft. The decal sheet is cleanly printed, thin, and in register.

Model Dimension: Length: 371 mm Width: 496mm

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