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Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/144 Chinese KJ-200 Kit

Hobby Boss 1/144 Chinese KJ-200 Kit


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KJ-200( Chinese military codename: K/J E03) is an improved type of Y -8AEW. Initially, the machine was named "balanced wood AEW". Is China's equipped with the "balance beam" airborne active phased array radar early warning aircraft. The machine uses the -9 body as the carrier and its main equipment for the manufacture of china. On January 14, 2005, the first test flight was completed.

KJ-200's carrier platform for the transport of -8 series III class platform/hi-tech third kinds of carrier. WJ-6C facelift, power increased to 5100 hp. The wing increases the overall fuel tank, and the carrier oil is restored to the level of An-12 by Y-8C. Replacement of the overall avionics system. Its main role is an air patrol, to make up ground radar network of low altitude detection blind area, and rugged rough command to guide the task can be automatically or manually and KJ-2000 AWACS for information exchange and sharing. And the formation of KJ-2000 type of early warning, offensive and defensive, the main auxiliary collocation configuration.

KJ- 200 is from development to production are all by our independent development and production of aircraft, it on the one hand, for our country in early warning aircraft on a blank, on the other hand also break a few Western countries and of our early warning aircraft technology blockade.

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