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Heller Aircraft 1/72 NA T28 Fennec/Trojan Aircraft Kit

Heller Aircraft 1/72 NA T28 Fennec/Trojan Aircraft Kit

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Designed originally as a training aircraft, intended to replace the t-6 G TEXAN, the T-28 TROJAN as a result of its qualities soon became a combat plane specialized in supporting ground fire. It started its new career in the hands of French pilots in French North Africa and carried on in the mercenary wars in Africa and Vietnam where it proved itself superior to its supersonic opposite numbers.

North American Aviation is far from a household name, but their aircraft are very well-known. Their Second World War stable includes the T-6 Texan/SNJ/Harvard advanced trainer, B-25 Mitchell bomber and P-51 Mustang fighter, and their F-86 Sabre jet revolutionized fighter design in the West during the Korean War. Super Sabre, Bronco, Valkyrie, it’s hard to list all of their designs.

But the T-28 is one, like the T-6, which endures today in large numbers. The NAA-built Trojan and the French, license-build Sud Aviation Fennec are near-ubiquitous.

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