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Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/32 IL-2 Sturmovk on Skis Kit

Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/32 IL-2 Sturmovk on Skis Kit


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The Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik was a Soviet Union attack aircraft during WWII. Designed as an armored low-level close-support aircraft capable of defeating enemy armor and other ground targets. First flown on October 12, 1940 as prototype TsKB-57, the aircraft entered production in March 1941 and came into service in May. A total of 36,163 were built. The Sturmovik played a crucial role on the Eastern Front, famous nicknames as the "Black Death".
IL-2 Single-seat version,the early production, delivered to combat units in May-June 1941, Powered by AM-38 engine, equipped 20 mm ShVAK or 23 mm VYa cannon in main wing.
  • Engraved panel and rivet detail, well detailed cockpit, full likeness of an AM-38 engine, reinforcing wing spars, separate control surfaces, optional position flaps, wing cannon and machine guns (with magazines), wing bomb bays with optional position doors, segmented canopy, clear-molded upper cowling and instrument panel, vinyl ammunition belts
  • Photo-etch parts (seat belts and bomb bay details)
  • Includes extensive ordnance - general purpose bombs (2 each FAB-50, FAB-100, DAB-100, BRAB-220 and FAB-250), 2 each PLBG-150 and 4 each RS-132 rockets.
  • Decals and color painting reference for 2 Soviet aircraft during 1941: 'Red 6' and 'Black 12' from unidentified units - includes instrument panel markings.

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