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Hasegawa Aircraft 1/72 F14A/B Tomcat Jolly Rogers Jet Fighter Ltd. Edition (2 Kits)

Hasegawa Aircraft 1/72 F14A/B Tomcat Jolly Rogers Jet Fighter Ltd. Edition (2 Kits)

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Retired But Still Remarkable

A full decade after the F-14 Tomcat was retired from service with the US Navy, it continues to catch the imagination of a generation. Its swing-wing style, incredible agility, and combat ability made it the most dominant aircraft in the sky for nearly thirty years. It was flown by both VF-84 and VFA-103-Jolly Rogers squadrons. This limited edition kit features decals for VF-84 Jolly Rogers aboard USS Nimitz in 1978, and VFA-103 Jolly Rogers aboard USS John F. Kennedy in 2004.
  • Detailed front and rear cockpits
  • Choice of painted or decal instrument panels
  • Choice of photo-etched or decal side consoles and sub-panels
  • Nice GRU-7 ejection seats with photo-etched overhead pull handles
  • Photo-etched canopy bow w/rear view mirrors
  • Photo-etched canopy side frames w/anti-fog plumbing and locks
  • Positionable canopy
  • Choice of early or late gun bay door (F-14A only)
  • Choice of four undernose fairings including TCS and IRST systems
  • Positionable boarding ladder
  • Positionable wings
  • Positionable wing gloves
  • Positionable flaps and slats
  • Positionable stabilators
  • Positionable speed brakes
  • Positionable tail hook
  • Positionable landing gear
  • Choice of normal or kneeling nose gear strut
  • Choice of open or closed nozzles (TF30 and F110)

Among the external stores options in the kit:

  • TARPS pod
  • AAQ-14 LANTIRN pod w/pylon adaptor (F-14B only)
  • LAU-138 BOL (x2) (F-14B only)
  • External fuel tanks (x2)
  • Phoenix/Bomb pallets

Markings are provided for four aircraft:

  • F-14A, 160393, VF-84, AJ/200, USS Nimitz, 1978, CAG
  • F-14A, 162688, VF-84, AJ/200, USS Theodore Roosevelt, 1989, CAG
  • F-14B, 163217, VF-84, AA/103, USS John F. Kennedy, 2004
  • F-14B, 162918, VF-84, AA/100, USS John F. Kennedy, 2004, CAG

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