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FineMolds 1/48 IJN Carrier Bomber KUGISHO D4Y4 "Judy" Kit

FineMolds 1/48 IJN Carrier Bomber KUGISHO D4Y4 "Judy" Kit


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Designed by First Naval Air Technical Arsenal in Yokosuka to replace Aichi D3A, Suisei reached the mass production phase in July 1942. Version D4Y4 was already powered by a twin-row radial Mitsubishi MK8P engine ‘Kinsei 62’ (1147kW), thanks to that the airplane gained much-needed reliability and even better flight capabilities. That came at the price of reduced range, due to fuel consumption and challenging carrier operations due to the oval shape of the front of the airplane. This version of Suisei was primarily used for Kamikaze operations, it was capable of carrying an 800 kg bomb in an open bomb bay and speed of 560 km/h at a distance of 5000 km.

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