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FineMolds 1/48 IJN Carrier Bomber KUGISHO D4Y3 "Judy" Kit

FineMolds 1/48 IJN Carrier Bomber KUGISHO D4Y3 "Judy" Kit


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Designed by First Naval Air Technical Arsenal in Yokosuka to replace Aichi D3A, Suisei reached the mass production phase in July 1942. Version D4Y3 was powered by Mitsubishi Kinsei 62 radial engine(1 163kW). The aircraft was a land-based version of the diver bomber. Thanks to its slim fuselage (even after fitting the Kinsei engine) and lightweight the airplane was much faster than any other dive bomber and had adequate maneuverability. However, its lightweight came at the cost of not fitting self-sealing fuel tanks and armor which made it vulnerable to enemy fire. A total of 2000 Suisei’s were made during World War II.

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