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Eduard 1/48 MiG21R Fighter Profi-Pack Kit

Eduard 1/48 MiG21R Fighter Profi-Pack Kit

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This kit is specific to the building of a model of the MiG-21R. In factory documentation, the export version is identified as ‘Izdelye 94RA' and the version built for Soviet armed forces as ‘Izdelye 94R'. It was powered by a Tumanskiy R-11F2-300. Hardpoints could still be loaded with RS-3US, R-3S missiles, UB-16-57 rocket pods, S-24 unguided rockets and bombs up to 500kg in size. NATO assigned MiG-21PFM the codename ‘Fishbed H’.
  • Plastic parts: Eduard
  • No. of decal options: 5
  • Decals: Cartograf, Eduard (stencils only)
  • PE parts: Yes, Color
  • Painting mask: Yes
  • Resin parts: No

Marking options:

  • MiG-21R, Soviet Air Force, 263rd Independent Reconnaissance Air Squadron, Kabul Air Field, Afghanistan, 1981
  • MiG-21R, 353rd Reconnaissance Air Squadron, Yugoslavia, 1971
  • MiG-21R, Czech Air Force, Air Test Department, Caslav Air Base, Fall, 1994
  • MiG-21R, Polish Air Force, 32nd Tactical Reconnaissance Air Regiment, Sochaczew – Bielice Air Base, Early 80s
  • MiG-21R, Cuban Air Force, 80ties – 90s

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