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Ebbro Aircraft 1/48 HondaJet Business Jet Kit

Ebbro Aircraft 1/48 HondaJet Business Jet Kit


$63.95 $79.95

Around the globe, Honda is the gold standard for reliability in human mobility. The HondaJet is the most advanced light jet that is the fastest, highest-flying, quietest, and most fuel-efficient in its class.

The development of the HondaJet began from a single sketch by Michimasa Fujino, and it is the most innovative aircraft in the aviation industry. This was achieved by breakthrough technologies such as the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount Configuration, Natural Laminar Flow wing and nose, a composite fuselage structure, and highly-automated and integrated avionics system.

This kit features a removable upper fuselage with extensively detailed interior full decal set. Both red and blue upper fuselage parts are included, as well as chrome-plated wing leading edge parts.

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