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Dragon Aircraft 1/48 Focke Wulf Fw190D9 Langnasen Dora Aircraft Kit

Dragon 1/48 Focke Wulf Fw190D9 Langnasen Dora Aircraft Kit

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$37.55 $46.95

Trimaster Collection

Trimaster is a famous name in the world of model kits, with the Japanese manufacturer focusing exclusively on 1/48 scale models of Luftwaffe aircraft. When the company ceased operations in 1991, Dragon was able to acquire its top-quality molds and then to proudly revive its model range under its own label for the benefit of modelers all around the world. Now, to show respect to the famous and important Trimaster company, and to show its appreciation for its past contributions, Dragon has come full circle and decided to release a quartet of aircraft kits in boxes emblazoned with the original colors and presentation for which Trimaster was once famous. This reproduction of vintage and stunning Trimaster kits will surely appeal to aircraft aficionados.

This quartet is the first batch of Trimaster kits selected by Dragon for reproduction and modelers will be excited to know that more are likely to follow. Thanks to this reproduction, the Trimaster name synonymous with exclusive and quality kits is available to all again and at very approachable prices.

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