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Clear Prop 1/72 Gloster E28/39 Pioneer Jet (New Tool) Kit

Clear Prop 1/72 Gloster E28/39 Pioneer Jet (New Tool) Kit

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Britain's first jet aircraft that demonstrated the potential of Whittle's innovative jet engine design.

Britain’s first jet aircraft, the experimental Gloster E.28/39, was designed to provide a platform for the flight testing of the new Whittle jet engines and to investigate their potential for use in fighter aircraft.
Sometimes referred to as the Gloster Whittle or the Gloster Pioneer, the aircraft was a low-wing monoplane design with a tricycle undercarriage and a slightly rotund fuselage to accommodate the Whittle W.1 engine with its centrifugal compressor. The engine was installed in the center fuselage and was provided with a nose intake and a tail jet pipe. Two prototypes were built (W4041/G and W4046/G).
Designed by George Carter, the Gloster E.28/39 was completed under conditions of high secrecy at Regent Motors, Cheltenham to avoid the risk of the bombing at the main factory.
The E.28/39 (W4041/G) completed taxiing trials on 7th & 8th April 1941 at Hucclecote (including some initial hops) before moving to Cranwell for flight test.  The first 17-minute flight took place on 15th May 1941.

This kit is designed for experienced modelers. It is fully equipped with various accessories that will help you to improve the final result - to create a copy of this aircraft that will repeat the original as much as possible.

There are 2 versions of model assembling:

1) with the opened cowling and engine inside or
2) without the engine, which can be displayed on the special service stand.

Markings are provided for all possible schemes.

A colored and detailed assembly manual will make the assembly process easy and enjoyable. And the box will serve as an excellent organizer which will be handy during the assembly process.

  • plastic parts - 91
  • resin parts - 18
  • photoetched parts - 39
  • brass parts - 1

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