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Airfix 1/72 DeHavilland Mosquito PR XVI Aircraft Kit

Airfix 1/72 DeHavilland Mosquito PR XVI Aircraft Kit


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Without a doubt, the Mosquito's greatest attribute was its speed and even though it was developed as a high-speed, unarmed bomber, the sheer fact it could outpace fighter aircraft of the day made it an attractive proposition to those in the military charged with obtaining photographic intelligence of potential enemy targets.

Interestingly, the second Mosquito prototype aircraft to begin construction was a photo reconnaissance variant. Indeed, the first Mosquito to be taken into charge by the RAF was a PR Mosquito, so vital was this work to the British war effort.

The months prior to the D-Day landings saw the introduction of the upgraded Mosquito PR Mk.XVI variant, an aircraft that was the most effective photo reconnaissance aircraft in the skies at that time. Able to fly higher, faster, and for longer, these latest reconnaissance Mosquitoes could go anywhere and see everything and the Germans hated them. 

Specialist Luftwaffe units were explicitly established to challenge Mosquito reconnaissance incursions, however, it wasn't until the introduction of rocket and jet-powered aircraft that they had much hope of success. Even then, Mosquito crews were well-versed in evading interception and continued to bring home their vital tactical imagery.


The Airfix 1/72 DeHavilland Mosquito PR XVI Aircraft Kit is a highly detailed model kit that allows hobbyists and enthusiasts to recreate the iconic World War II aircraft, the DeHavilland Mosquito PR XVI, in 1/72 scale. The PR XVI variant of the Mosquito was primarily used for photographic reconnaissance missions and was equipped with powerful Rolls-Royce Merlin 76/77 engines.

The kit comes neatly packaged in a sturdy box, with all the components carefully organized and protected. Upon opening the box, you will find a set of high-quality plastic sprues containing the various parts needed to build the model. The parts are molded in finely detailed grey plastic, with sharp panel lines and accurate surface textures.

The kit includes a comprehensive instruction manual that guides you through the assembly process step by step. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, making it suitable for both experienced modelers and those new to the hobby. The manual also provides painting and decal placement guides, helping you achieve an authentic and realistic-looking finished model.

The parts themselves are well-engineered and fit together precisely, requiring minimal cleanup or modification. The level of detail on the components is impressive, capturing the intricate features of the Mosquito PR XVI with accuracy. From the cockpit interior to the external surfaces and undercarriage, the kit faithfully represents the aircraft's unique design.

The cockpit is highly detailed, with separate instrument panels, control columns, and seats for the pilot and navigator. The transparent parts for the canopy and windows are crystal clear, allowing a clear view of the interior once assembled. Additionally, the kit includes a variety of optional parts, such as different propellers and exhaust stacks, allowing modelers to customize their build.

The kit features movable control surfaces, including the ailerons, elevators, and rudder, which can be positioned to add a sense of dynamic realism to the finished model. The landing gear can be assembled in either the extended or retracted position, providing further display options.

One of the standout features of this kit is the wide range of decal options included. The decal sheet offers various markings for different aircraft and squadrons, allowing you to choose from a selection of historically accurate paint schemes. The decals are thin and of excellent quality, ensuring easy application and a smooth finish.

Overall, the Airfix 1/72 DeHavilland Mosquito PR XVI Aircraft Kit is a superbly designed and highly detailed model kit that captures the essence of this legendary aircraft. With its accurate representation, ease of assembly, and versatile display options, it offers both a rewarding building experience and an impressive finished model that will be a standout piece in any collection.

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