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Academy Aircraft 1/72 F16C ANG Aircraft Kit

Academy Aircraft 1/72 F16C ANG Aircraft Kit

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Modern USAF multi-role single-seat jet fighter in National Guard service. Kit features fine engraved panel lines, detailed cockpit, partial intake trunking, well appointed wheel wells and undercarriage, tinted optional position canopy, optional CCIP forward deck and extensive external stores:

  • towed decoy system
  • AIM-9L/M Sidewinders (x2)
  • AIM-9X Super Sidewinders (x2)
  • AIM-120B AMRAAMs (x2)
  • AGM-88 HARMs (x2)
  • GBU-31(V)1 JDAM (x2)
  • AN/ALQ-184 ECM pod
  • AN/AAQ-28 LITENING pod
  • AN/AAQ-33 SNIPER XR pod
  • 370 gal wing tanks (x2)
  • 300 gal centerline tank

Decals and painting reference for 2 US ANG aircraft: F-16C Block 40F s/n 89-2098 of the 112th FS, 180th FW, Ohio ANG and F-16C Block52Q s/n 93-0549 of the 157th FS, 169th FW, South Carolina ANG - includes instrument markings, stencil data and stores markings.


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