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Academy Aircraft 1/72 Me262A1a Luftwaffe Jet Fighter Kit

Academy Aircraft 1/72 Me262A1a Luftwaffe Jet Fighter Kit

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The Messerschmitt Me262 was the first operational jet fighter in the world. Its Jumo 004 turbo jet powerplants and swept wing made it one of the most extraordinary designs of World War II. The Me262A-1a achieved an incredible top speed for its time of 870km/h(497mph) at an altitude of 6000meters(19,685 feet), nearly 200km/h faster than the North American P-51 Mustang.

The Me262A-1a were armed with four MK-108 30mm cannons in the nose, two carried 100 rounds each, and the top two carried 80 rounds each. The 30mm cannon was extremely lethal, being capable of carrying 24-55mm rockets, 12 under each wing. The first serial-produced Me262A-1a took off on its maiden flight on 28 March 1944. Of the 1,430 produced only 220 were operational before the end of the war. Of these, 120 were shot down by Allied fighters. After the end of World War II, the Me 262 as well as other advanced German technology was quickly swept up by both the Soviets and the Americans. Many Me 262s were found in working condition by both sides, and were "liberated." These aircraft were extensively studied, producing early Soviet and US jet fighters.
  • The first jet fighter practically flown by Luftwaffe
  • Finely engraved panel lines & rivet details
  • Highly detailed cockpit & landing gear bay
  • Authentic markings included

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