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Lion Roar Aircraft 1/48 F15E Strike Eagle Dual Roles Fighter Kit

Lion Roar 1/48 F15E Strike Eagle Dual Roles Fighter Kit


$99.99 $134.99

The F-15E is a multi-seat battle bomber developed as a successor to the F-111; it is a multi-role fighter classified as F-15B/D type improvement. Its structure was reinforced, and the electronic equipment such as the fire control system was updated to strengthen its ground attack ability. This kit precisely reproduces its features, such as the fixed tanks (conformal tanks) on the side of the body, increased hard points for mounting weapons, and reinforced landing gear. Includes decals for 2 versions and photo-etched parts. Will be approximately 40.5cm long when completed.


  • AN/AAQ-13 navigation pod
  • AN/AAQ-33 sniper sighting pod
  • AIM-9L/M Sidewinder
  • GBU-39 guided bomb (x16) (BRU-61 pylon x4)
  • 610 gallon incrementer (x2)
  • [Mold Color]: Gray, clear
  • [Includes]: Decals, photo-etched parts

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