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Mach-2 Aircraft 1/72 P6M2 SeaMaster Aircraft Kit

Mach-2 Aircraft 1/72 P6M2 SeaMaster Aircraft Kit

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The Martin SeaMaster was quite an ambitious project: a six hundred knot nuclear weapon-capable seaplane, a main player in the Navy’s envisioned Strategic Strike Force (SSF) of the early Fifties. The plane’s tortuous nine-year developmental struggle was just starting to see daylight when the plug was pulled in 1959. The SeaMaster had simply been overcome by events and program cost overruns. The launching of large, nuclear-powered fast carriers with nuclear-capable A3J Vigilantes aboard, and the nuclear submarine force armed with Polaris missiles had figuratively sunk a weapons system that needed expensive refueling/maintenance stations which were sitting ducks for attacking enemy air forces. And, SAC certainly wasn’t too excited either over a naval threat to its strategic bomber supremacy It’s shameful that Navy policy of the Fifties didn’t allow even one complete example of the SeaMaster to survive in a museum.

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