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Kitty Hawk 1/48 Mirage F1 CT/CR Fighter Kit

Kitty Hawk 1/48 Mirage F1 CT/CR Fighter Kit

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The Mirage F.1 was designed as a follow-on multi-role fighter to the Mirage III/V family and powered by the Atar 9K used in the Mirage IV.

  • Nicely detailed cockpit, choice of early or late ejection seat, positionable canopy, optional boarding ladder, ATAR engine, choice of reconnaissance cameras in nose for CR, detailed wheel wells, positionable speed brakes, flaps, spoilers, stabilators, and rudder, choice of early or late ESM antennas, external stores (1x 1200 liter centerline fuel tank, 2x 1200 liter underwing fuel tanks, Barracuda pod, Barrax pod, Phimat pod, 2x Python 4, 2x AIM-9L Sidewinder, 2x Matra 550, 2x Matra Super 530D missile, 2x Matra Super 530F missile, 1x AS-30, 1x AS-37 Martel, 2x GBU-12 Paveway, 6x BAP-100, 2x Matra rocket pods, 2x BLG-66 cluster bombs, 1x 1000kg LGB, 2x 400kg LGB, 4x 250kb bombs, 2x Durandal)
  • Decal options for (4) aircraft: Mirage F.1CR, 33-CA, ER 01/33, French AF, 1987; Mirage F.1C, 14-36, 142 Sqn, Albacete AB, Spanish AF, 1988; Mirage F.1CT, 132-QE, EC 02/30, Colmar AB, French AF, 2009; Mirage F.1CT, 330-AT, EC 05/330, French AF, 1998, Tiger Meet.

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