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Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 F-14B Tomcat Kit

Hobby Boss Aircraft 1/48 F-14B Tomcat Kit

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The F-14 received its first of many major upgrades in March 1987 with the F-14A Plus. The F-14A s P&W TF30 engine was upgraded with the GE F110-400. The F-14A+ also received the state-of-the-art ALR-67 Radar Homing and Warning (RHAW) system. Much of the avionics as well as the AWG-9 radar were retained. The F-14A+ was later redesignated F-14B on 1 May 1991. A total of 38 new aircraft were manufactured and 48 F-14A were upgraded into B variants. In the late 1990s, 67 F-14Bs were upgraded to extend airframe life and improve offensive and defensive avionics systems.
  • Fine engraved rivets and panel lines
  • Well detailed tandem cockpits, radar package face and antenna (with optional open radome), cannon bay interior, separately molded slats and flaps, intake trunking, fully detailed engines, optional position multi-part canopy, refueling probe, optional deployed boarding steps, separately molded speed brakes, choice of open or closed exhaust nozzles, excellent wheel wells and landing gear, vinyl tires
  • Photo-etch details
  • Includes ample external stores: AIM-54 Phoenixes, AIM-7 Sparrows, AIM-9 Sidewinders, GBU-12s, GBU-31s, Mk 82s and AN/AAQ-25 targeting pod and drop tanks.

Decals and color painting guide for 2 USN aircraft:

  • BuNo 161435 of VF-103, USS George Washington, 2000
  • BuNo 162919 of VF-74, USS Saratoga, 1992

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