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Dragon 1/72 Arado Ar234C3 w/V1 Huckepack Jet-Pwd High Speed Recon Aircraft Kit

Dragon 1/72 Arado Ar234C3 w/V1 Huckepack Jet-Pwd High Speed Recon Aircraft Kit

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The Ar 234C was equipped with four A engines, mounted in a pair of twin-engine nacelles based on those from the eighth Ar 234 prototype. The primary reason for this switch was to free up Junkers Jumo 004s for use by the Me 262, but the change improved overall thrust, especially in takeoff and climb-to-altitude performance. An improved cockpit design, with a slightly bulged outline for the upper contour integrating a swept-back fairing for the periscope, also used a much-simplified window design with far fewer glazing panels (8 in total), than the total of 13 separate glazing panels of the Ar 234B cockpit — itself taken almost unmodified in form from the eight A-series "trolley-skid" prototypes — for ease of production. Airspeed was found to be about 20% higher than the B series and the faster climb to altitude meant more efficient flight and increased range. Although Hauptmann Diether Lukesch was preparing to form an operational test squadron, only 14 C-series airframes had been completed by the war's end, and of that number fewer than half had been fitted with engines, with a few of them found at the end of the war sitting out in the open, otherwise complete but with empty engine nacelles — about 500 examples of the BMW 003 jet engine were ever built, with priority for their production going to the He Heinkel He 162 Spatz emergency fighter's own production program. Comprehensive flight testing of the new sub-type had yet to begin when Germany surrendered. Three basic variants of the C-series were planned for initial construction, with several more laid out as detailed proposals. Some of these would have had different power plants, while others were intended to feature swept or "crescent"-type wings.

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