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Dragon 1/35 AH6J Little Bird Night Stalkers Helicopter Kit

Dragon 1/35 AH6J Little Bird Night Stalkers Helicopter Kit

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The OH-6 Cayuse was developed by Hughes Helicopters in response to a US Army requirement for a turbine-powered scout helicopter. The 'flying egg' would become tip of the spear for Army Aviation in Vietnam as the OH-6 crews would sniff out enemy positions (usually at great peril) while lurking AH-1 Cobras would rush in to counter any enemy fire. While the OH-6 faded into the background as the OH-58 came into service, the flying egg would be reborn into the world of covert operations.
After the failed attempt to rescue the US embassy staff in Tehran, a new special operations aviation unit was established to rapidly deploy anywhere in the world they were needed. The 160th Special Operationns Aviation Regiment (SOAR) was born. One of the stars of that new unit was the OH-6 as it could be quickly packed onto a pallet and several could be airlifted to a forward operating location.
Since the OH-6A had already been armed with a minigun, rocket pods and other systems, creating the AH-6 Little Bird was relatively easy. The MH-6 Little Bird was given plank seating on either side of the aircraft to allow up to four fully equipped troops to be airlifted in stealth. As newer capabilities were introduced into the Hughes-turned-McDonnell Douglas Helicopters Model 500 series, these would likewise be adopted into the Little Birds as well. The AH/MH-6J airframes, for example, were actually MD530 airframes with the OH-6A bubble cockpits retained, but the new five-bladed main rotor and T-tail replaced the earlier V-tail and four-bladed rotor of the earlier Cayuses.
  • Updated five-bladed main rotor
  • T-tail
  • Early 'analog' MH-6J cockpit
  • 2 x Miniguns with main cabin ammo container and feed belts
  • 2 x M260 seven-shot rocket pods
  • Unique antenna fit for the Little Bird

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