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Dragon 1/32 P51D Mustang Fighter (Re-Issue) Kit

Dragon 1/32 P51D Mustang Fighter (Re-Issue) Kit

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The North American P-51 Mustang was a successful long range fighter aircraft which entered service with Allied air forces in the middle years of World War II. Its sleek lines make it one of the most distinctively recognizable aircraft of the Second World War. 

The P-51 was used mostly as a bomber escort, in raids over Germany; it was a key factor in the defeat of the German Luftwaffe and, by the middle of 1944, gave the Allies complete air superiority over Germany. It also saw significant service against Japanese air forces in the Pacific War, and was the main fighter for the United Nations in the early stages of the Korean War. The P-51 was replaced by jets in Korea but remained in service with some air forces until the early 1980's.
- Propeller blades are moveable
- Propeller blades with accurately curved cross-section and true-to-scale thickness - propeller can rotate
- Nose air intake grill formed from photo-etched parts

Engine Cowling:
- Extra detailed transparent engine cowling
- Engine compartment with full detail
- Exhaust pipes made by slide molds
- Engine cowling cover can be assembled open/closed
- Engine cowling frames are delicately rendered

Cockpit & Canopy:
- Canopy is made from transparent plastic and comes with rivets details
- Canopy can be positioned open/closed
- Pilot’s seat is upgraded with photo-etched parts
- Instrument panel is made from a clear part 

- Wings with realistic panel lines
- Ailerons are movable
- Slide-molded machine guns with full assembly
- Intricate ammo belts are included
- Spent shell exit ports are accurately reproduced
- Two types of fuel tanks are available
- Rockets and bombs are included
- Pylons are exactly reproduced
- Camera port is included
- Landing gear compartment with interior detail

Landing Gear:
- Landing gear can be assembled in taxiing or folded position
- Weighted wheels made of DS (Dragon Styrene)
- Detailed wheels and landing gear

Fuselage & Tail:
- Accurately shaped fuselage with superb details, thanks to slide molds
- Engine radiators are included
- Rear air outlet can be positioned open/closed
- Moveable rudder with realistic texture

- Photo-etched parts to upgrade details
- Cartograf decal offer different markings

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