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Gas Patch 1/48 Henschel Hs123B1 BiPlane Bomber (New Tool) Kit

Gas Patch 1/48 Henschel Hs123B1 BiPlane Bomber (New Tool) Kit


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The Henschel 123 was an uncomplicated and robust aircraft. Very antique, no canopy, but excellent flying characteristics – unbreakable and very suitable for the poor airfields in Russia. It was very agile – we were able to sideslip the modern Russian fighters with this aircraft when we paid attention.

 Feldwebhel Erich Axthammer, 7 . Staffel, Schlachtgeschwader 1 via Air War Publications

If it was able to drive across the field in a truck loaded with 50 various items and the whole cargo was not toο noisy, this meant that the field was good enough for take-offs and landings of our Hs123 (which doesn't need more then 200m of runway).

Adolf Galland

The Russians had broken through our frontline and were rolling forward with tanks. We were just four Hs123 and I succeeded in taking out three tanks by dropping my bombs on their rear decks, where they did not have enough protection. The fourth bomb fell wide and missed. At that point, I still had my machine guns loaded. I saw a company of Russian infantry – so I attacked.
High level of detail; beautifully executed surface textures including fabric, rib tape, recessed panel lines and raised rivets; clever engineering including cardboard jig for the landing gear; useful options including alternate parts for rollover headrest, spatted and unspatted landing gear etc.; high quality Cartograf decal sheet; well illustrated and logically laid out instruction booklet.
  • 167 parts in a medium grey colored plastic
  • Three clear plastic parts
  • Around 44 photo-etched parts on one fret
  • Two parts on printed acetate sheet (gunsight reflectors)
  • Self-adhesive die-cut canopy mask
  • Die-cut cardboard alignment jig for landing gear
  • Markings for five aircraft

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