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Dragon 1/144 TR1A High-Altitude Tactical Recon Aircraft

Dragon 1/144 TR1A High-Altitude Tactical Recon Aircraft

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Despite its advancing age, the U-2 “Dragon Lady” continues to fly high-altitude all-weather reconnaissance missions for the US Air Force (USAF) today. In fact, the Pentagon recently announced the aircraft will continue in service until 2023 because it holds advantages over new technologies such as the Global Hawk! Built by Lockheed, the U-2 is powered by a single engine, and its high-aspect-ratio wings and light construction resemble those of a glider. The TR-1A was the third production batch of the U-2R aircraft featuring side-looking radar, new avionics and improved electronic countermeasures (ECM) equipment. A total of 33 TR-1As were manufactured.
  • Newly designed TR-1A high-altitude tactical reconnaissance aircraft 
  • Standard "Super" pod rendered w/details 
  • Side-looking radar can be optionally assembled 
  • Slide-molded cockpit canopy 
  • Detailed antenna included 
  • Detailed panel lines on both surfaces of high-aspect-ratio wings 
  • Intricate air-conditioning cooling air outlets molded on fuselage 
  • Landing gear can be assembled in either taxiing or flying positions 
  • Cockpit interior details including pilot's seat and instrument panel 
  • Realistic rudders reproduced

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